This Dose Of Midweek Motivation Is Brought To You By Vaani Kapoor

It’s Wednesday and if you, like many of us in the world exercise over the course of the work week, it’s the middle of the week and your routine as well. Although your willpower dragged you to the gym on Monday and Tuesday, by now it’s flailing. All you can think about is the weekend. Read: workout-free days of bottomless brunches and fried everything. Does this sound familiar already?

We’re pretty you’re nodding your head in agreement. It happens to the best of us but a bit of fitness inspiration can do great things to fix it. This midweek, we’re bringing you motivation straight from Vaani Kapoor. The Bollywood actress hasn’t been seen much on screen since 2016’s Befikre but it seems like she’s busy getting a cove-table physique. How she’s doing that is with a spot of yoga with celebrity trainer Anshuka Parwani while giving us a peek into it

With an orange mat, white sports bra and black tights as her only companions, Vaani extends her body across the mat, balances on one arm and one leg while stretching her other arm and curling her other leg. We’re breaking into a sweat just looking at it.

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