Get lustrous locks this winter with these expert tips

Like your skin, your tresses need some extra care in the winters as well. Experts suggest youconcentrate on keeping your roots clean and choose the right products for your hair. Raghu Reddy, a hair loss specialist at the Private Clinic of Harley Street, gives some tips for healthy hair during winter.

Here are some suggestions:

Take extra care of your roots: Avoid putting products like conditioner, wax or gel directly onto the roots of your hair. This will clog the pores and hair follicles, making it difficult for hair to grow as it normally would.

Choose products wisely: In the winter, use a gentle shampoo to keep the moisture intact in your hair. Use a deeper conditioner to protect the hair shaft and prevent damage from extreme weather and/or central heating.

Indulge in a protein-rich diet: Including  protein-rich food sources into your diet, can keep hair shiny and strong. Meat, fish and eggs are great for exactly that.

Go natural: Several women wish to avoid frizzy hair during the winter, and prefer to dry their hair before venturing out into the cold. Try to keep the use of straighteners and hair driers to a minimum, as intense heat can be bad for hair.  Stay away from straightening and curling as they may make the hair brittle and prone to breakage, contributing to the overall weakening of each individual hair. Also, avoid using hair dyes regularly as well. (Read: 10 winter skin and hair care tips you can’t do without!)

No heat please: A hot water bath can bring much relief in the winter, but this can be detrimental to your hair. Always wash your hair with lukewarm or cool water, rather than very hot water.

Be gentle: Avoid brushing your hair vigorously to stay away from unwanted hair breakage. Try to avoid scratching your scalp as well, as this can cause the scalp to become dry and flaky.

Keep calm: Don’t let the stress of the festive season get to you. Sustained periods of stress can lead to a change in your hormonal balance, which can pave the way for hair thinning or patterned baldness. (Read: Hair care tips for different hair types)


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