4 Short Hair Tips You Never Knew You Needed

Short hair may be absolutely stunning to look at but making it a reality is the tricky part. Short hair has a mind of its own and unlike longer lengths, cannot be tied up in a bun on bad hair days. That’s where these hair tips can come of use. They’ll make your short locks look amazing and make the process of owning it not all that tough.

1. Assess Your Length

Before cutting your hair, remember to assess how short you actually want it and then go an inch longer than that. Hair in its natural dry state has the tendency to rise higher so even if you think you’ve found the length you want, it may seem too short for comfort when it dries. Keep this in mind when you hit the salon.

2. Smoothness Is Key

At some point or another, frizz finds its way to all kinds of hair. For short hair, that’s even worse because frizz makes it look unrulier, unshapely and horizontally larger. Fix that by smoothening your hair regularly with a homemade hair pack, leave-in conditioner or serum instead.

3. Don’t Forget Upkeep

The fact of the matter is most short hairstyles require some amount of maintenance. So don’t assume you can just wake up in the morning and hit the road. At the time of your haircut, speak to your stylist about maintaining your mane. Besides that, a quick blow dry, a few spritzes of texturizing spray or a flat iron can groom your tiny-sized tresses and make them look more stylish than ever before.

4. Of Course You Can Style It

Don’t believe even for a second that short hair needs to be left as is. Even the shortest of hair can be styled in innumerable ways. The addition of hair accessories, scarves, braids, rolls and even texture products can completely change the way your hair looks so don’t shy away from styling it.

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