10 Of Ryan Reynold’s Most LOL Tweets On Parenting (Believe Us, It Was Too Hard To Choose)

Ryan Reynolds is known as many things: a Hollywood mega star, partner-in-crime and better half to fellow actress Blake Lively and most notably, the man who brought Deadpool to life. But that isn’t only in reel life. Much like his ‘merc with the mouth’ superhero character Wade Wilson, Ryan Reynolds too is known for his quick wit, zingy clapbacks and dark humour. His Twitter feed is all the proof you need. It’s replete with his constant Twitter comebacks to wife Blake, his hardcore fans and even actor Hugh Jackman. Even Ryan’s kids aren’t spared from his unique brand of deadpan humour. Here are 10 times he’s taken to tweeting (while delivering some serious burns) about the hilariously tragic reality of raising kids.

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